Friday, August 06, 2004

Flash me

My foray into the wonderful world of semi-professional photography begins this weekend. I have a wedding to photograph. It also happens to be my first time shooting anything of importance. I have begun to hone my video skill sthroughout the summer but have only had about three weeks to learn all the tricks of my new camera. It arrived the day I left for my annual trip to "the cabin" in mid-July and the pictures from that weekend showed improvement as the days went on.

All told, I snapped about 100 various candid, posed and scenic shots through the three days I used the camera at "the cabin". Since that time my trusty camera has accompanied me to a couple parades as well as a day of experimenting with it in a local park.

All in all, I feel somewhat ready for tomorrow. I am hoping that nothing goes wrong and 2 and a half hours is enough time before the ceremony to accumulate all the various shots they have asked for. I am a people person, after all, and I know I'll make everyone comfortable as I contort them into crammed and forced poses which, in the end, will look ever so natural.

I hope the couple has relatively low expectations so I can exceed them and impress beyond all belief. If not, at least I had a genuine reason to spend $500 on a new camera.

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