Friday, August 20, 2004

Cynicism aplenty

Why is it that in this day in age people are unable to make decisions? Their flip-flopping on even life's simplest decisions is never-ending. I work in a profession where the clients make their decisions first and I, in turn, incorporate their decisions into something coherent and understandable. My work then goes back to the client. They make more changes and the circle begins. Back and forth as they nit-pick down to the smallest detail. Minor tweaks that will have absolutely no impact in the final product. They can essentially ruin the style of what was initially handed to them by the time they make numerous changes.

They lack effective communication skills as well as the ability to make choices. Both of these items are extremely important in today's world.

Even when one has made a choice, they rick it being the wrong choice. They have at least made a choice. They have decided to stand firm behind their choice. Whether it is a popular choice or not can be debated but at least the have shown decisiveness. Unlike those I deal with on a daily basis.

It all comes down to people's fear of offending someone. The fear of turning someone away by simply making a choice which they decided on. People today seem to want to please everyone all of the time. I know all too well that in life, you're going to piss people off. You will anger people. You will have people dislike you due to choices you make and what you believe in.

It's part of life, people. Make choices, go with what you conscience tells you. Stand out from the crowd. Wear a screamingly bright yellow shirt to work as I did yesterday. Be yourself.

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