Monday, August 30, 2004

Bachelorette party remnants - Part One

I arrived home at 2:30 AM late Saturday (Sunday A.M.) to find my apartment in shambles. Mary had her bachelorette party that night. The festivities had, as I understood, began at my apartment. It's so convenient for them to use my place because it is sort of central to everyone. I had no problem with it as long as nothing got broken and no neighbors were terribly pissed off.

My first clue that things had been rather wild was that my deck was draped in toilet paper. The first thing I dismantled after unlocking the door was the toilet paper decorating on the deck. My walls were covered with pictures of naked men. The most disturbing was one of a naked (and obviously oiled) man who was lifting weights. Who actually does that? I'd be afraid of pinching something rather vital and dear to myself. Naked weight lifting is off my list - forever.

I entered my bedroom next to find that a couple of mischevious girls had began to wrap my bed in toilet paper. At least they used cheap stuff but the story goes that Mary arrived to find them midway through the antics and stopped them before it was entirely wrapped.

I threw my stuff (camera bag and keys) in the corner and sat down after removing some of the naked men who were abstructing my view of the TV. I picked up some bottle caps and balloons and threw them into the corner of the living room and proceeded to turn on the TV. Meandering to the office to see if my ill-fated DVD had finished burning, I nearly fell over my coffee table which had been relocated.

The DVD was done and I waited for it to eject. I headed to the living room and popped it into the DVD player, curious how my handy-work had turned out. Some of my friends are anxious to see it too but it was just beginning to burn when I left earlier in the day. As it started four or five girls walked in.

The story stops here for a brief coffee break. More later if you still find it intriguing.

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