Friday, August 27, 2004

All hail Kilby

If the reports are up to date, tonight is Craig Kilborn's final night as host of the (in my opinion hilarious) "Late Late Show" on CBS. His final guests are, appropriately, some of his co-stars from "Old School". The likes of Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell as well as a host of Hollywood celebs who have made names for themselves in the past decade.

I have only had the pleasure of watching Kilborn's oddball show at the rate of once per week but in just that short amount of time I feel he has made a name for himself. His show is original. I love the fact that he breaks up the chat with games played by the guests. It's cool to see a celeb sweat it out while answering off-the-wall questions and the dry humor put forth by Hastings, MN native Kilby is somethng that people will remember far longer that that of his rival on NBC, Conan O'Brien.

I feel that if Kilby would have stuck things out, he would be the obvious replacement choice for Letterman when he retires within the next two decades. Letterman is no spring chicken but still has, at the least, 10 years left in the humor bag that is "The Late Show".

Starting September 20th, "The Late Late Show" returns with a rotating stock of guest hosts that, as of yet, is unnamed. It will be a shame to see Kilby leave late nights but I can hope his replacement is just a hilarious. I would rather watch three days of Kilborn's antics that 20 minutes of NBC's late night drivel.

Stay up until 1:37 AM tonight and watch the funniest farewell in a long time on CBS. Tune in an hour earlier to watch from the beginning. Got it? 12:37 AM. CBS. Kilborn.

Goodbye Kilby.

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