Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tuesday's a wrap

It's always tough to come back from an extended weekend. There is simply so much to do, especially when it comes to the job. Today at work brought the eye-opening realization that two people in my department were on vacation. Everyone else is sluggish from traveling and an overload of holiday festivities. It is a rapid game of catch up. Nobody likes doing it but most of simply sucked it up and worked an extra hour and accomplished the task at hand. With the wild world of advertising, thankfully, there are lulls and this time of year is generally a bit slower than some other periods but we cope.

In other areas, there is no down time. Over this busy holiday weekend I managed to catch some video and pictures of the amazing Mount Rushmore. It is amazing to see license plates from all over the country drawn to a huge carved rock in the middle of South Dakota. It is so different there than here. Here the terrain is relatively flat in comparison to the ear-popping hills and valleys of the Black Hills. Having never seen the wide area of the Missouri River I found it to be extremely similar to the size of this area's St. Croix River which forms out border with Wisconsin locally.

The sheer number of tourist areas is amazing. The amount of money drawn by these seasonal attractions must be equal to the gross domestic product of a country the size of Honduras - probably more. In my opinion, it is all too gimmicky but that is just one guy's opinion.

Then I awoke to the sudden normalcy of the beginning of the work week. A day later than usual but a workweek nonetheless. It all came crashing down to reality when the alarm went off shortly after 7 AM and the monotone and lifeless DJ stated that John Kerry would announce his running mate today and after I showered, he had done just that. I wrote earlier a few short tidbits about my thoughts and will follow up with a few various links. Form your own opinions but face it, Kerry made a good choice by grabbing a guy who was the first in his family to attend college, made his money by working from nothing in the beginning and made his name as a trial lawyer who will be able to reduce Cheney, his opposition, to rubble in a debate as any extremely successful trial lawyer would.

Now the links...

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What are the blogs saying?

This blog's saying goodnight. See y'all later with more from the heartland.

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