Tuesday, July 27, 2004

They own YOUR SOUL

Finger Eleven, the canadian band which has been around for nearly a decade is gaining airplay every day in our own Twin Cities. To do so, they apparently sold their souls in the process. They, for no other reason than to risk becoming one-hit wonders, wrote the song titled "One Thing". It is a rather mellow song with severely toned-down guitars and drums. It apparently is mellow enough for me to compare it to Hoobastank's "The Reason" which gained airplay on all five of the station presets on my stereo at work. It seems to me that Finger Eleven is well on their way to achieving that level of greatness or level of mediocrity.
It is all in how you perceive things. Sure, you can make buckets full of cash by appealing to such a wide and diverse audience. People may very well run to a store to do nothing more than purchase your CD. It is great in the short run.

In the long run, however, you run the risk of alienating your hardcore base of long-time fans. You wrote a sugary song being played on Top 40, Alternative and Adult Album-based radio (so far). Finger Eleven is more of a rock-style band though. Notice that by writing a softer song, they gained wider appeal but have yet to show up on the rock side of radio. Will their fans be pissed off enough to write them off as sellouts? Only time will tell, but the die-hard bands who are in the business for the love of music - not money - are the ones who, in the long-run, achieve the greatest success and end up lasting the longest. They don't change their style to cash a check.

Stay true to yourself and you will be happiest.

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