Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rageaholics Anonymous
Today has started on a rather angry note as one sales rep, and only one so far, has managed to bring me to the breaking point. Through numerous repetitive faxes, pointless phone calls and inane chatter with my co-worlers before she calls the person who can actually help her she has returned me to the angry and bitter human I was before I started at this job.
"I opened the file" says the sales rep.
"Why?" is all I could think of in my head. Why would you go and open something that you should simply pass along to me? Are you curious? Do you think you have even one skill related to my particular job? You, madam ales rep, should stick with dealing with the customers. I'll stick to not coming into contact with humans outside of the office. It's what we both do best. You deal with the customers. I'll deal with the oh so confusing technical stuff.
We'll make it through the tough times.
Cue the Partridge Family to sing us all an uplifting song...
"Come on hooooold myyyyyy hand. We'll be alright if we just stiiiick togetherrrr. We'll be alllllllright. If we just work together. We can make it, somehow. We can make it happen!"
Bang! Just shot the ENTIRE Partridge Family.Yes, even Danny Bonaduce.
You can thank me later.

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