Thursday, July 01, 2004

A quick update about things in general. I was too tired/lazy/un-motivated last night to post anything which may have required any thought. I did, however, make slight progress in editing video moments from the past month but not to the point where it is ready to make an appearance on DVD to be viewed by friends/critics/friendly critics. I am aiming to complete this task by the middle of next week and with only about 30 minutes of footage left to muddle through, it should be easily attained. I am contemplating putting together a series of scenes where "Slim" gets angry at the camera or issues the camera his patented one-finger salute. It happens an uneasy amount of times. This is definitely an "R" rated release.

In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday I encourage everyone to stay safe and sober but knowing that this holiday tends to bring about at least some amount of drinking, check out the drunkard's dictionary to liven up your drunken conversations over the upcoming weekend.

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