Thursday, July 01, 2004

Perfect timing

There has been alot of praise for the Bush administration's handover of Iraqi power two days early. It could also be seen as a bid to improve his ratings in public opinion polls by effectively saying "Look, I did something right."

But has the president actually done something right or is it just another well-timed ploy in his effort to win another four years as puppetmaster, um sorry, I meant to say head of America. The capture of Saddam was sppeared to conveniently happen when Bush was down in the polls. The early handover of Iraq a few days before our nation's birthday and the well-timed appearance of Hussein in court, again, only days before our Independence Day.

The question remains of how much timing will play a part in this year's election. Will it even play a miniscule role when a story surfaces about negative campaign ads are developed which sling mud at Kerry by relating his beliefs to that of Hitler and other Nazis? Let's hope that such negative campaign ads will not influence voters to support Bush and his word-twisting and mud-slinging.

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