Friday, July 23, 2004

Nothing at all

My mind, today at least, is a clean slate. I have nothing at all worthwhile to write for my two readers to enjoy. I could go into great detail about the despicable state of residential construction using the product named Bildrite instead of the traditional plywood or other forms of wood-based wall sheathing. It's being used in some new condos being built near my workplace - I'll try to post a pic early next week for you.

I could go into great, painstaking detail about the 175 wedding invitations we will be working on this weekend, but I won't.

I could describe down to the color of ribbon we will be using to tie shut tule-material bags containing all too many Hershey's Kisses to be used as favors at the reception. That would just cause people to fall asleep and drool on, then short circuit their keyboards and I can't afford to foot the bill for replacing keyboards as it was my doing that caused the sudden sleep.

I have to stop writing about nothing. There will be nothing worthwhile posted until Monday. Take the weekend off from obsessing about this site. I'll let something build up inside my head but until then, I am enjoying my clean slate.

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