Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A letter to the editor appearing in today's (Wednesday) red-headed step-child of Twin Cities newspapers. That's right, the Pioneer Press...  
Words vs. actions I nearly choked on my breakfast when I read in the Pioneer Press, "Bush outlines agenda for 2nd term to donors" (July 22). Bush said, "Government should never try to control or dominate the lives of our citizens." How does Bush possibly square that statement with his own actions: vehement opposition to gay/lesbian marriage, and freedom of choice for women; promoting the forced Pledge of Allegiance in public schools; and, imposing his fundamentalist Christian views on American society (e.g., refusal to fund stem cell research)? Additionally, this administration is anxious to label anyone who opposes Bush as unpatriotic, and, where it can, lock up its own citizens without being charged. Bush has moved well beyond hypocrisy and entered the realm of absurdity.

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