Friday, July 30, 2004

It's becoming addictive

It happened Wednesday night as I made a quick dash to the local Target Superstore. After puicking up my grocery necessities I headed towards the checkout, as I normally would. I meandered between the three open checkouts as the lines at each moved rather slowly. I spotted the one which was sported an invisible sign stating "No Waiting on Checkout 32" and made my move.

I placed my basket on the stylish black conveyor belt and, wishing it would move faster, pushed my overflowing basket towards the cashier. As I did this, I cocked my head over my left shoulder desperate to avoid the prying eyes of the high-school age cashier who I KNEW was wondering why I was buying 8 containers of Yoplait Lemon Custard yogurt. It caught my eye just then. 2/$1. At ANY checkout in the Twin Cities, that price SCREAMS bargain. I grabbed two of them and hurled them towards the young clerk.

Nectar of the Gods, I found. Coca Cola C2. The low-carb version of Coke. I wrote about sampling it after its introduction and I'm back on the juice. I feel fine and have suffered no odd ailments as of yet. Wish me luck as I saved one for this weekend. Such a treat!

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