Wednesday, July 21, 2004

It made me angry

I flipped the band button on my stereo/CD player at work this morning to the AM dial in search of something new and fresh. I still had the setting fro what was, until a couple months ago, WMNN 1330. It was an all news station formerly but was transformed into some sort of Catholic talk station.

I am guessing that this station has approximately seven listeners as this sort of talk, at least in the two minutes I gave it a chance, was so ultra-conservative it made me want to move to Utah and become a Mormon because that would be liberating in comparison to this brand of mega-religious talk.

The topic being covered was from a married couple who called about the medical problems, heart defects in particular, that three of their now five children have. I can only imagine what sort of financial strain even having five children must be in today's world, much less three of them with severe health problems. The host's advice was to abide strictly by the Catholic church's beliefs that contraception is WRONG. His advice went as far to say that even Natural Family Planning (the practice of abstaining from intercourse during the female's most fertile times) was wrong. It is only supposed to be used to control the spacing of children, not prevent pregnancy.

This sort of advice is just what keeps families across the world from achieving their dreams. Advice which encourages families to continue having children. Continue having children even though there is a likelihood that these children will be born with health problems that may very likely lead to severe health problems, especially if the child lives beyond the infant stage in life.

This advice is precisely what is keeping third-world countries, whose citizens have stronger religious beliefs than many of those in developed countries, in their thrid-world status. It is what is causing immense famines in developing countries. Diseases spreading in these countries due to overpopulation and overcrowding.

It sickens me that this host's advice was actually being taken to heart by this couple. They need to simply stop having children as they already have a large family by anybody's standards and run the risk that the next child will have the same health problems as three of their children were born with.

Call me whatever it is that you want to. Call me faithless. Call me a non-beleiver. Call me a Catholic because that's the religion I was brought up in and will be married in before the end of September. I don't agree with many things I see and hear, particularly in religion and politics which just so happen to be two of the oldest institutions in the world.
Call me independent.

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