Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I am out of touch

I arrived home, finally, at around 8 PM Monday night. It all began immediately after I left work Thursday afternoon to seek out the sale price on a whole, seedless watermelon. I went to this particular grocery store the night before with Mary but I had forgotten that this particular portion of the sale did not begin until Thursday. No problem, I have all the time in the world on Thursday as I said I would arrive at Mary's house at precisely 4:57 PM. I love to throw out random numbers which mean nothing at all.

I quickly grabbed one of the two remaining watermelons and the impulse item of a bottle of Aquafina water. "Aquafina, that's some damn wet water!" I hurried home as fast as one can hurry in suburbia-style traffic at 4:30 in the afternoon. I still had to pack the trunk and the cooler. I hurriedly grabbed unnecessary items from my trunk and threw them anywhere flat inside my dark apartment. (Left late, no time to open the blinds.) I, somehow accomplished placing all the necessary items in the trunk of my car, even the packed cooler, and was on my merry way before 5 PM. I haphazardly crossed rapidly moving traffic and was soon out of this horribly planned mess of a town. (If a drunken Irishman designed St. Paul, who the hell designed these so-called "streets" which criss-cross, zig-zag and meander thoughtlessly about THIS particular town?)

The drive to Mary's distant house took only 30 minutes. I had at least figured on that much. We grabbed things and packed them tightly into the trunk and remainder of the back seat. Do we really need THIS much stuff for three days? Of course!

On the road again we were. The entire trip should take around 80 minutes - a bit longer with our customary "treat" of stopping at a roadside Hardee's restaurant conveniently located along our path southward. By 7:30 we had arrived. Ok, so it took two hours but that Angus burger was SO worth the stop. I didn't have to pay either!

To make a long story short, we enjoyed our time at the lake as I spent a few hours Saturday afternoon tied securely to the dock floting in a tube. Only problem is that nobody would grab me a beer... or a cooler full of beer. That sounds even better. I took hundreds of pictures of anything I felt which was worth capturing. Hours worth of fireside antics were also captured as our video camera was passed about and moments were caught. Not quite sure what was done but there were sure some "interesting" conversations had over the course of the weekend.

The last night brought the smallest crowd to the fire but it was definitely an interesting night. For some reason we had two spotlights. Spotlights, at night, to a drunk person can be dangerous. We surely damaged each other's rods and cones as we flashed these spotlights at random at each other. Violent curse words filled the cool night air as we embarrassed each other with 2 million candlepower. (Remember, drunks LOVE to "relieve themselves" outdoors.)

It did, however, rain Friday morning and Sunday morning. Sunday morning did bring an early packing session as we again had to hit the road. For interesting tidbits of the second half of Summer Vacation, check back later. I am a busy man who has plans tonight.

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