Thursday, July 29, 2004

A great article about where oil comes from and how much is left to be pumped. It makes a person wonder if the numbers are truly correct, and the story even questions Saudi Arabia's ability to produce as much oil as they say they can.
It's time to conserve what we have and begin working on alternatives for gasoline and diesel fuel. I have supported ethanol and soy diesel because they are both healthier for the environment and I am from a farm family. Become self sufficient in our fuel usage and we can avoid such unnecessary conflicts as the current occupation of Iraq.
As I stated, I support the use of alternative fuels but as Americans we like to drive. It is part of the glory of our expansive country. Drive whatever you want as long as it can use E-85 fuels. If your vehicle can't, drive less or seek out a vehicle that CAN use E-85 fuel.

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