Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Zach Braff, who play a doctor whose name slips my mind on one of the few remaining reasons to watch TV (Scrubs, you damn FOOLS, did you think I was talking about something on the abyssmal ABC?), has a quirky blog relating to the upcoming movie Garden State in which he acts and directs. It looks like a great film and judging by the music playing on the movie website, it will have an excellent soundtrack too.
It appears that the movie will open locally (PDF file) in the Twin Cities on August 20th. I desperately want to see it but Mary will respond "Uhhh. That looks STUPID." After which she will then suggest seeing something along the lines of Chasing Liberty (which I was made to see earlier this year). Mandy Moore is just too damn cutesy to play the part of someone who had one ounce of rebellion stashed in thier deepest, darkest recesses.
I keep hope alive that we will be seeing this flick together as, so far, we have missed Fahrenheit 9/11 and the quickly-vanishing Spider Man 2. Oh, well... that's what DVDs are for.

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