Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Friends Like These is a band from Minneapolis. There is a great week-long detailed story about their recent road trip tour to the east coast in the City Pages. This has to be the most accurate description of the day after a night of binge drinking I have ever read.

If you can't open your eyes when you're hungover, you're probably going to vomit. I understand this in the same way I understand that when I toss a ball into the air, gravity will bring it back to the ground again. What goes up must come down, Sir Isaac Newton says. And Jack Daniels says that when you've spent the last 24 hours gulping alcoholic beverages from a goblet the size of a preschooler's skull, what goes down must come up.

That is precisely why I am not a Jack Daniels sort of guy. GIve me anything but that or Tequila and I am a happy camper. See, now you know what to send me for Christmas. There's precious few shopping days left. Get cracking before I bend y'all over my knee and spank you good and proper now!

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