Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chocolate world
I am in a world which chocolate rules. I am simultaneously making two batches of raspberry swirl brownies and typing this. I have accomplished so much which still amounts to so little. I promised to work on Hershey's Kiss preparations for wedding favors but haven't quite cracked that one yet. Don't worry, I will though. It just sucks pulling each and every one of those tiny tissue paper messages from many hundreds of Kisses. That's what happens when you buy cheap the day after Valentine's day. Hey, at least we saved cash on one thing!
Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to one last weekend before the wedding machine takes over. It is only two months away if I am doing my math correclty and we have so much of the small things left to tend to. So much left to pay for. If any readers would like to drop a buck into my collection hat, please feel free to by commenting at the end of this post. That is, if I ever get the commenting feature to function properly. I would be more than happy to accept money from strangers. I am not too proud to beg. I have a credit card and numerous other debts to pay, every buck helps.
More details from the joyous weekend after the joyous weekend happens. You'll hafta wait until Monday, though.

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