Thursday, July 08, 2004

Attack imminent... man the battle stations

Ok, robotic voice off now. I didn't even read the story regarding the possiblity of Al-Qaeda attacks before this November's election. I did what I do best and jumped to conclusions.

My first question of the headline I noticed is why would Al-Qaeda attack a country which is poised to dethrone a man (the two-headed monster known as Bush-Cheney) who has been non-huntng this group of terrorists. In words, they have been supposedly hunting in Afghanistan but have been about as accomplished in finding Al-Qaeda members as they have Weapons of Mass destruction.

I am not aware of what Kerry's plans for the Iraqi-Afghani war are but I can only assume (again jumping to conclusions) that they will be at least slightly different that those of Cheney (face it, he's making the calls).

I am fed up with these warnings about chatter from terrorists groups. The rainbow of colors which correlate to the risks of terrorist attacks. In an age where even the biggest trends (read: Boy Bands) pass in less than a few years, why are we stuck with the stone-age like terror alert color chart? Why do we need to be constantly on guard? All these false alerts we have received over the past nearly three years make our joke of a government seen like the proverbial boy who cried wolf.

Just protect things and watch out for the threats. Don't toy with us by saying you are closing in on Bin Laden or raise and lower the terror alert constantly. I quit paying attention by Christmas of 2001.

Read the story and let me know if I am wrong.

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