Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Welcome to Summer

It reached 95 degrees on Monday. A new record for that date. Hot was an understatement. It could have been worse, I guess. At least there was wind. We have had hotter days, I'm sure. This one was the first REALLY hot day of the year. It came just days after Minnesota's unofficial monsoon season came to an end. The weather changes drastically here. To be a Minnesotan is to endure seasonal temperature changes of approximately 115 degrees. That's right - below zero in temperature is REALITY here during the winter months. Amazon-like temps and humidity during the summer months are also common. Last summer was brutal but we've had things relatively easy this year.

And like the weather, everything can change. But one thing remains constant. My lunch. I've never discussed the details of my lunch but what the hell, today just feels right. The main course was a delish ham sandwich. I have been eating variations of sandwiches for the past 16 months. Nearly every day. A sandwich. It makes me feel like I am stuck in some terrible food-related rut. A sandwich every damn day. I could kill someone if I was forced to eat a second sandwich in the same day. The remainder of the lunch isn't quite as bad but in my attempt to keep things relatively healthy, I have nearly cut out the cookies which were once a staple in my trusty lunch cooler.

Today, like so many days before, brings the health of a banana. Bananas have potassium. I am not quite sure what potassium DOES but it must be good because it comes from a banana - and a banana qualifies as fruit - much more than calling Gushers fruit.

Packed tightly below my banana are two cans of pop (soda, cola, beverages, etc.). I grab those the night before and stick them in the fridge. I am never too choosy about what kinds of pop I end up with so long as they are on sale. I NEVER buy at regular price. Just a little rule of mine when it comes to buying cans of sugar water - never pay full price when it's on sale every other week. Must have a REALLY slim profit margin, huh?

Lately I have been stuffing health down my throat in the form of a cup of Yoplait Lemon flavored Custard Style yogurt each day. And due to the skyrocketing gas prices (now at $1.83/gallon) the grocery stores felt the need to raise the price by 6 cents per container to 63 cents each.

I am also into pudding. Tapioca to be specific. Throw in a cup of that each day. It's healthy, made with milk I think.

Today also brings an added treat from Sunday night. Cake. Funfetti cake frosted with the sweetest, sugar filled pink frosting I have ever had the pleasure to rot my teeth with.

Just for good measure I mix all those items in with some random handfuls of Chex Mix or Gardettos and call it a day.

My life has hit an all new low when I write about my lunch.

I'll rejuvenate my inner spark and be back with something more inspiring next time.

Sorry if you actually read this one.

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