Thursday, June 24, 2004

Think it ain't

It just might be making a comeback. At least I am safe from it but millions aren't. Am I talking of a disease? No. What I speak of could be seen as a type of disease in the frame of mind that nobody wants it. The draft.

The rumors have been running rampant as of late that the US Military is quietly working towards reinstating the draft. With bills in both the senate and congress pushing for reinstating the draft, saying that mandatory military service may be best for the country. Many soldiers see it differently. Those who are in the military of their own free will would rather keep the military voluntary. It was stated by one soldier that he would rather not fight alongside someone who was there simply because they were put there. The people in today's military are trained to fight wars. They have expertise in using their high-tech weapons. The average civilian who may be drafted more than likely has no knowledge of how to use a weapon which the military uses. I know I wouldn't. Let's hope that the next waste of our taxes will not be to impose mandatory military service to our nation's young who would better serve our country by making their own choice of career or life path.

Read here for one perspective on the possibility of a draft. Again, there are just rumors at this stage but some see the pieces being put into place quietly, behind the scenes. It is possible.

I end today with the problem or barking dogs. I have my office window open and a few blocks in the distance, some rich fuck is neglecting their rabidly, incessantly barking dog. It is about to push me over the edge but what would I do? I could call the police, sure, if I could locate a non-emergency number for the police in this podunk, bass-ackwards town. That fucker is still barking. I give it 15 minutes before I personally knock on this ignorant piece of crap's door and shut their dog up for them. Oh, great, there's two barking now.

Oh, joy.

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