Monday, June 14, 2004

She took my camera away

I guess that's what happens when Mary is slightly more sober than myself. She had the common sense to remove the expensive digital video camera from my hands as I spoke with wild hand motions about past experiences. It was also dangerous for the tiny camera to be near me as I was only a few feet away from the camp fire over the weekend at my friend's parent's cabin.

The story which I told that was captured on video is rather funny. Embelished by the wild hand motions which almost seem to have more power in helping to visualize the story than words alone can. I won't go in to great detail other than to outline the premise... it involves a three-(or four-)day bender over the Fourth of July weekend a few years back and a gas grill which must be lit with a match.

In other weekend news we found out that one can perform moves when being forcibly ejected from a tube being towed at 35 miles per hour behind a boat that resemble Jackie Chan in The Matrix. And if you don't know what The Matrix is, get out from under your rock or out of your cave and go to a movie rental store - they will first laugh at you and - while still laughing - help you find The Matrix. Still confused? Too bad.

I also successfully backed the trailer for a friend's jet ski down the landing in one attempt. We were both impressed as the trailer becomes invisible behind his truck.

I can't wait to see some of the pictures from this weekend. I also have plenty of work to do in editing the video from this weekend as I am still working on the Memorial Day video. Eventually I will get pictures up here of some of the more interesting sites to liven up what has been text-only thus far.

In news from today, picture a Burger King sign with the message board below it. Got it? Alright. Now picture it advertising their new Angus Burgers. Got it? Ok. Now picture one letter missing from the word Angus. Got it figured out? The missing letter is...

I'll tell ya sometime if you don't already know. Only in Minnesota can something like that happen and go uncorrected for the better portion of the day.

I encourage you to go try an Angus Burger. Just make sure the sign is spelled correctly or eat at your own risk as the advertised special sounds rather unappetizing to me.

But that's just me.

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