Thursday, June 10, 2004

Rush, Rush

No, this isn't going to be some rant about Paula Abdul and the hit she had with the same title. I am referring to my boring, inane existance which I call "A Day in the Life". (Note my blog titled just that.) I worked today. No different from any other day except that I really hit my stride right around 4 PM which, technically, is quitting time but since I desperately need overtime I stayed until 5 PM. By 5 PM steam must have pouring out of my ears as the creative ideas were flowing magically through my body, exiting from my fingertips and making contact with the keyboard and mouse which translates to some pretty impressive work (bragging myself up) considering the limited resources with which I had to work with.

After a solid nine hour day it was a quick jaunt back to the dingy, squalid apartment where I sleep and spend many evenings. I threw in a load or two of laundry and called to schedule a haircut. Bingo. I was up to bat there in fifteen minutes, considering said hair styling palace is 10 minutes away, I hit the road.

Stopped at local Target Superstore on the return trip to replace sun tanning lotion which must have either (A) grown legs and moved to a better locale or (B) been lost in this past winter's move and some soup for my meager supper to support my meager existence.

Upon arriving back at my pad, I swapped out the load of laundry into the dryer and began getting things together for the weekend trip to the much-fabled cabin (more on that next week).

I scurried about doing laundry, making supper, watching Pepsi Smash on the WB, called the fiancee (AKA Mary from now on), grabbed more laundry, watched Scrubs on NBC and then began work on a couple of CD projects while listening to some REAL music on the radio (computer, actually).

Somewhere in all this mix, I managed to talk to a friend of mine for a few minutes, exercise (part of my daily routine), take a shower to remove loose hairs from previous haircut but still haven't re-assembled my bedfrom earlier washing the sheets. I know I could replace the sheets with another set I have but these sheets simply kick ass. Nothing special about them, they are just nice. Such a descriptive word.

If you're lucky, look for more tomorrow. Better chance of something on Sunday. Probability increases for Monday.

Yeah, that's the ticket! (Jon Lovitz, anyone?)

And a quick laugh.

I am SO mature...

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