Thursday, June 17, 2004

Look mommy, I can cut-n-paste

A random post from a gentleman in Denmark observing the political situation and looming presidential election in the USA. It is interesting to hear how someone in a relatively distant country observes and understands American politics. It also is interesting to hear a relatively unbiased opinion from a casual observer.

This post comes from the Star Tribune forums.

As the election looms on the horizon, it pains me to think that the USA might possibly actually elect George W.

First the travesty with Gore and now Kerry? How one can look at the qualifications of those two and then set their 'x' by Bush's name absolutely escapes me.

I respect the American decision to rally around your president after 9/11 and all that, but the guy has a series of failures behind him - I am merely a distant observer, but as far as I can see, the only thing he is proficient at is networking (making the most of his silver spoon, so to speak).

The most enigmatic dimension of American support for Bush, in my opinion, is that he violates so many of the 'absolutes' that we in Denmkark are used to associating with American politics - his history of drug and alcohol abuse, the almost-irrefutable AWOL incident, his string of failures in the business world, etc.

How am I supposed to understand all of that?!

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