Thursday, June 03, 2004

Like a bird in a tornado

The week has flown by. Three working days down - one to go. One simple day. Friday. What could possibly go wrong? No guesses? Ok, I'll tell you what could go on. I was enjoying a leisurely outdoor activity (disc golf) after work this afternoon and when my round came to an end, I strolled towards my car which was parked under the shade of a lovely ash tree.

As I always do, I picked up my cell phone from its secret hiding spot (cup holder) and noticed I had a few missed calls. The first was from the fiancee. "Where are you? The wedding invitations came (I knew this - they came at 1:05 PM according to UPS when I checked my e-mail) and my sister is having a barbecue tonight." Second message was from a friend, "Hey, mind if I come over tonight? Call me."

Confirmed barbecue and told friend tonight is a no go - maybe sometime this weekend. I hurried up heading to my apartment as I was still in the city where I work. A whopping ten miles apart. Barbecues have an effect on me, I like food - especially grilled food.

In my haste to get ready for this barbecue (put some deodorant on to cover up disc golf sweat) I blocked out the fact which I realized at 9:30 PM that I am out of cold (luncheon) meat for my lunch tomorrow. I already splurged and had some swank take out today as it was pay day. The dillemmas of my life. Spend another five bucks on lunch tomorrow or risk it with something lurking in the dark recesses of my fridge.

I'm always up for a risk. I have the bruised knees from my seductive Hummer poses last weekend to prove it.

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