Monday, June 21, 2004

I saw it on the radio

It was late last week when I heard the (somewhat) new song by The Killers. The title of it is Somebody Told Me. Its lyrics, now that I think about it, sound alot like the old Blur song titled Girls and Boys. I can find lyrics on neither song but The Killers track's lyrics revolve a person's ex-girlfriend who has a boyfriends who looks like a girlfriend he had in February of last year. The Blur song goes on for about eight minutes about girls who want boys who are girls who do boys... it's tough to wrap one's mind around all the confusion and adrogyny going on in that song but, nonetheless, it is still a damn good song. The reason I bring all of theis nonsense up is that last Friday, at the end of The Killers track, the flatly monotone (likely voicetracked) DJ comes on proclaiming that "I love that song, it makes me happy" all the while showing no emotion whatsoever.

That is just what is wrong with our world. It all seems to have changed since that fateful day of September 11th, 2001. Everything suddenly became too edgy. Everyone seemed to want comfort. Whether it be in the form of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines... If it angered someone, it was seen as controversial. In this ultra-safe, ultra-conservative world we live in, everything has become stale and bland. There is no edge anymore. Everyone is emotionless, they seem to be simply going through the motions of each day. People conform to whatever they are placed in. The are like clay in an artist's hands - easily molded. It's a fucked up world we live in when people have lost their emotions. They will simply take what is at hand without so much as a complaint. I yearn to be surrounded by people with courage. Courage to speak what's on their mind. People who have a spine and a voice. Not some lame-ass monotone 40-something DJ proclaiming "It makes me happy" just because it was on the script for that day's air shift that she was handed three days ago when she recorded it.

Nothing is live anymore. Everything in the world of broadcasting is on a delay. Five seconds, 7 seconds, an hour, a day... even (portions of) newspapers are produced days before their actual publication. It is all in an effort to have the product on the street (in the convenience store) as early as possible so people can have their safe, homogenized, carefully edited and happily soothing newspaper along with them as they drive their gas guzzling SUV or minivan 20-40 miles to their job far away while they listen to the same crap on the morning radio show every day. Once they arrive at work to crack open their newspaper, they read the carefully selected, not unsettling or thought provoking, headlines as they turn on the company's foreign-produced computer to check the latest "news" headlines as MSN only to again turn to the radio and hear the next pre-selected lines from the same stale morning DJs.

This all turns me around to the fact that I haven't purchased a newspaper in close to a year. I listen to about four hours of radio each day, two if which is talk radio. I drive a two door coupe (American made gas guzzler) to work each day which is nine miles away from where I reside. And I DESPISE MSN! And radio. And SUVs. And Minivans.

I just heard a ding which can only mean two things, either A) my supper is done or B) I answered the question correctly.

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