Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I almost ran off the road

I was driving home from work today at the oh-so-leisurely pace of approximately 60 miles per hour on a city street/county road when I spotted the sign of one of the altogether too many Super Americas in the area. Those sons of bitches decided that due to the fact that it's Wednesday we'll jack the holy fucking hell out of gas prices. Just when the news as of YESTERDAY had stories on most of the local channels proclaiming the recent DROP in prices at the pump.

Local convenience stores (not gas stations these days, gas stations check your oil and the air pressure in your tires) decided to make a tidy little profit off of those of us who drive anywhere. The number who drive is astonishing. Oh, hell, EVERYONE I know owns a car, some own two or three. Just as I was able to afford a tank of gas (it was at the bargain basement price of $1.89) I now have to reconsider selling a kidney or working more overtime. I like the idea of working more to make more money but the easy money's in selling a kidney.

Work smart, not hard.

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