Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Call it science

I bought a bottle of the Coca Cola C2 today while at the local overcrowded Cub Foods which I despise with every single fiber of my being. As much as I hate shopping it is a necessary evil, though I prefer the less-crowded, more organized and cleaner Rainbow Foods closer to my residence.

I drank this new cola with my pizza for supper tonight. It tasted mysteriously like Coca Cola Classic. It must be the cancer-causing sweetener which makes it resemble its namesake. This stuff is gaining notoriety as I even happened upon a discussion about C2 today while making another great discovery.

That discovery relates back to a topic from a few weeks back. A certain Alternative radio station left the air a few weeks back (mid-May if I remember) and today I found out while reading a related blog that soon, they will begin webcasting the original format (I believe). I would be more excited but I am dead tired and warm. Stupid outside air not cooler...

Off to sit in a bucket of ice water.

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