Tuesday, June 01, 2004

And we're baaack!

The above begins as what could be an obscure reference to an obnoxious morning radio DJ with multiple personality disorder played by Jimmy Fallon on the more recent seasons of Saturday Night Live. It also came up in the season finale which was also the last episode which would feature Fallon.

Saturday night was also a live adventure. As I said a few days back, I would be returning home to send off a friend of ours who is leaving for training in preparation for a one to two-year tour of duty in Iraq by the end of this summer. He showed up a bit later than expected but eventually 50 or so people packed the yard, driveway and garage of my friend's house as we wished a friend well in the only way fitting. We threw a party. We had women posing suggestively for pictures on the hood of the National Guard Hummer parked in the driveway. We had a few people attempt keg stands in the garage. Plenty of exposed flesh was also spotted though I saw little if any.

Even a brief but torrential downpour failed to slow the festivities down. The one thing that did end the evening rather quickly was the emptying of our keg (yes, we never picked up the second keg - we'll save that for a trip to the cabin) around 2 AM. It was a mixed blessing because it quickly cleared out those who had come just for the beer but it also allowed the rest of us to regroup and stumble into the car of a sober friend to take us the highly acclaimed truck stop for some late night drunken grub. All in all, by 4 AM I was safely sprawled out on the living room floor fast asleep for a few hours of somewhat restful shut eye.

The entire evening went smoothly considering I had spent quite alot of the day moving a good friend and his fiancee into their newly purchased house. It was decided that they have entirely too much stuff for being in the mid and early twenties respectively. The house need some TLC but they are well on the way to doing just that as a few hundred dollars was spent at Menard's earlier in the day.

The same two who moved earlier in the day showed up understandably late to the party but caught up admirably quickly to the rest of us and the confessions by my friend's fiancee that she was "Drunk" was caught on video by your's truly. A truly touching and priceless moment. One we will get to watch over and over again.

We had an explanation of how hard it is to piss with a beer in your hand. The explanation was necessary after he walked into the garage without buttoning his shorts in an effort to sit his beer somewhere safe. We had demonstrations on the usefulness of cleavage as a cup holder (and bottle holder). There were promises of back yard wrestling which never came to be - and for good reason of intoxication and swamp-like conditions of the yard. We also had demonstrations of senseless spanking and slapping but nobody left with hurt feelings.

Our National Guard friend will be missed. Plus I have to see all those pictures he took throughout the night. Should be interesting. Good luck.

Stay tuned.

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