Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ah, summer

It struck today with temperatures in the 70's and a light breeze. I could easily deal with five days a week like this, another with overcast skies and one day of rain - preferably with the rain on a Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe an occassional Sunday. I stuck around at the job until it became futile. The creativity had simply shut off. There was nothing left as just an hour before I had a truckload of ideas for one priject which vanished as fast as they had appeared. I called it a loss and left for the day.

The cure was a leisurely round of disc golf. That is where I found out that, due to the wet and cool spring thus far, I am out of shape. Winter took its toll but a busy, hectic and cool spring did more damage than any pathetic Minnesota winter could ever do. Needless to say I got my exercise for the day by walking up and down the course's gently rolling terrain. The young trees provided shade as the sweat began to bead up on my face, not just my forehead.

I managed to complete one round in under an hour. The scariest part being the drive home. It seemed to take just moments short of forever. I do remember it now, I recall passing a golf course. I was just at ease while driving. Stereo on at a high volume with the sunroof open and windows down. Nothing on my mind except the usual and normal fact that I was hungry. It was, after all, near the usual time I eat. I have become accustomed now to the fact that I am becoming a creature of habit. Throw in the towel on trying to mix things up too much. I guess that creating habits is part of aging. I am not sure that I am maturing, but I will agree that I am aging. It's disturbing to think of, but I'll accept it.

I guess it's off to go cater to another habit, call Ms. Mary. It's a Thursday thing but I am getting used to it.

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