Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Abyssmal. That describes this time period for television viewers who are trapped indoors due to inclement weather in Minnesota. Dark and cloudy describes the weather and the television viewing. I always have found something to do rather than watch filler TV which is all there is this time of year. Tonight appeared to be the second consecutive night of at least a two-hour block of "Last Comic Standing" on NBC. Don't get me wrong. I like comedy, but in such long blocks... maybe it's better suited for airtime on Comedy Central. At least NBC is trying something to fill the endless hours of open time in their schedule.

FOX, on the other hand, seemed to be airing an entire night of "The Simple Life" reruns. Hoping, I am sure, to boost ratings for new episodes which begin next week. I got sucked in but only for about 30 minutes, and in my defense, I was on the phone so it doesn't count as viewing.

I am unsure about ABC but I think I caught them airing the NBA finals last night. Two things I care oh so little about - the NBA and ABC. Combine the two and what you are left with is essentially a void. A large negative number in mathematical terms. As ex Boston Celtic Larry Bird said in a recent interview, "The NBA is a black man's sport." With that being said, and myself being caucasian to phrase it properly, I am highly unconcerned with the NBA. I used to follow it in the mid nineties during the Jordan era and before those greedy sons of bitches went on strike much like baseball did in the nineties as well. Who needs 'em!

In all defense of TV, The WB seems to have won points by jumping the gun and debuting "Summerland". I still argue that the show is set in Hawaii although the fiancee claims (and is correct) that it is set in California. The show itself is wholesome enough to have broad appeal but just edgy and hip enough for any self-respecting poseur to jump on the show's bandwagon. Just block out the point that its star is Lori Laughlin of "Full House" fame.

Notice how I left off CBS and UPN. UPN has nothing and CBS has CSI - 'nuff said.

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