Sunday, May 23, 2004

A wonderful weekend of wedding wonderment

Friday night led us across the much-forboding, oft-spoke of river to a theater in a land far, far away to see a delightfully enchanting fairytale brought to life on the big screen (Shrek 2 in a mall theater). The movie was amazing being it was the first I had seen in a theater shown in a wholy digital format. (DLP to be exact) It was also a bonus being we got in once again with the trusty old student ID - apparently I still look young enough to be a student of some sort.

Saturday brought a chore of sorts. It was time to fulfill the traditional wedding registry requirements. We had already decided on something not too outrageous in the way of extravagance and opted for the local Target Superstore. A lovely sprawling mega-retailer where, if you wanted to, you could potentially register for everything from Aspercreme to Zip Wax. Neither of those appeared on the registry, even after what turned into seconds of pleading - I still came out on the short end of things.

One victory for me was registering for a couple of bedroom lamps with some funky shades complete with beads. Another puzzling fact for me was that I already own a perfectly fine and rather new toaster oven, wife-to-be claims that toast from there is too dry. Two problems there...
1) I recall no time when she has eaten toast from my toaster oven.
2) Isn't toast supposed to be rather dry
and reason number three (I know I only said two but I just thought of this one.)
3) If it's too dry, change the amount of time bread is inside toaster completing the amazing transformation to toast.

Some things I just can't wrap my head around. The toast thing is one of the more perplexing things in recent memory for me.

Sunday brought more wedding-themed bliss. Invitations. As much time yesterday was spent typing addresses to achieve a final count needed for these fancy, varying sized pieces of exquisite stock (paper) embellished with foil stamping (foil stamping) and mechanically embossed (raised) for a refined appearance.

They ended up costing a bit less than two dollars each for the varying pieces needed (invite, reply card, reception card). We did, however, decide to opt out of having lined envelopes. After all, envelopes are the workhorse out of the whole package. They carry the important information from point A (my desk) to point B (recipient's home) and protect the contents from harsh post office machinery and the general evil-minded postal worker.

All in all, the invitations sank us collectively deeper into debt than we already are. Maybe only a few will decide to show up for the wedding, saving us large amounts of money for food at the reception and instead send envelopes containing cards of well-wishing ovewflowing with bundles of greenbacks (cash).

Stay tuned.

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