Thursday, May 13, 2004

This needs no heading. Anyone who personally knows me knows just how passionate I am about certain things. Loss of anything important to me is a huge deal. In all seriousness I shed some tears as I listened online to the last hour of a World-famous radio station. A station I first discovered due to my Rolling Stone subscription. A radio station which has earned so many words of praise through its 23 years of existence.

In today's world where takeovers and changes of nearly everything are a frequent occurance, this radio station was a beacon of stability. A model that if a company's owners believed in what they were doing and cared about what they did, it would last. It lasted 23 years - nearly to the day. A tiny station on the outskirts of Cincinatti, Ohio gained notoriety from across the country and around the world due the the internet. 50,000 people listened online at last count making it the most listened to commercial radio station on the internet.

They came full circle in their 23 years of existence. The last song which they played was also their first. (U 2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday") The goodbyes I heard were powerful and heartfelt. They struck a chord with me... knowing that doing something you love and doing what you do with your beliefs backing your work will make the rewards much greater than any sum of money could ever do. I try my best to live by that motto and fight for what I believe in. I try to work where my heart will be behind what I do. If I even have half of the caring in my work as the DJ's and other employees at this station, I will feel truly great inside.

It was so humbling to hear how hard work can be so rewarding. People who care about what they do providing a service which simply made people happy. It gave people something they wanted. Radio which was different than anything I have ever found in my short time on this planet.

From the hamlet of Oxford, Ohio WOXY 97.7 FM (97X) was truly "The Future of Rock and Roll" and I won't soon forget it.

As the DJ said at 11:04 PM (central time) "Goodbye to The Future of Rock and Roll." Goodbye 97X...

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