Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Tear it down

When something in America causes a problem, what should we do? When something causes shame to Americans, what should we do? According to our fearless leader, George W. Bush, we should tear it down. That's what he said about the Abu Gharib prison in Iraq where photos of prisoners being abused were taken. Tear it down. Sweep it under the rug. If it isn't there any more, did it really happen? It seems to be the philosophy for anything that has happened in the last four years in this country. If the leader is criticized over something, make the problem vanish. Make the source of the problem vanish. Make it all go away. It is so much simpler than actually prosecuting those who performed the acts of abuse, punishing their superiors who did nothing to stop the abuse. Discipline the superior's superiors for allowing such abuse to be carried out by our nation's military. Hell no. Let's just tear down a building and all will be cool again. Not that it ever was.

Oh, sure, some will argue that abuse has occurred in every war. The difference here is that there are thouands of pictures to prove it. Pictures which are being seen by the American public and citizens of other countries from around the world. Pictures which prove that someone other than only the soldiers had to know about this. Something like this does not happen without others knowing. Remember, Big Brother is ALWAYS watching. Those who allowed this will receive the punishment eventually.

More later.

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