Thursday, May 20, 2004

Remember the one where Bart steals from the collection plate...

Maybe I am getting old but it seems like whenever I have the time to catch one of the two "Simpsons" reruns shown locally each day, it's one I already know by heart. I have even begun to avoid the new episodes, or at least be less bummed if I miss them, knowing full-well that I will see them 500-some-odd times in my future. Ah, the show that will live on in syndication 'til dinosaurs once again roam the earth.

A follow up to yesterday's entertainment feature... "saw Shrek 2... it was fucking hilarious," said a friend of mine who saw it on the movie's opening night and said "maybe you and the lady will want to see it this weekend and I'll come along 'cuz I wanna see it again."

If that doesn't convince you, maybe the threat of being fed nothing but undercooked broccoli for a month will change your mind - huh? Sure swayed my opinion - even though I didn't need any convincing.

You may also be wondering why I haven't been writing as much as my normally longwinded self... it's a little think I call "WORK". It kept me for over 10 hours yesterday as I played the part of boss-lady and filled her shoes. (Actually, my feet wouldn't fit in her shoes - she's sorta shorter than I am. I also sat at her desk off an on throughout the past two days... whaddya think about THAT?!?.) It let me get back to what I had done at my previous job, run around solving problems and putting in a hard day's work. It's all about keeping my mind sharp and if that damn girl at work misses one more day I'm gonna personally tell her just how much of a freaking waste of space she is on our planet. Take a trip to somewhere where not working and still getting paid is APPRECIATED (one hint: NOT MINNESOTA).

She takes off shortly after boss-lady leaves on Wednesday and complains of a toothache. Comes back to work after taking one-hour lunch to say that she is going to the dentist. Says, "Don't worry about my work, I'll be back." Doesn't show up, and we worked past 6 PM. Calls co-worker at 5 AM this morning asking for a ride to her mother's house. Co-worker asks if she is coming in to work today, andwers no, co-worker says "No dice beeotch."

It's fine at work when only one person is gone. On a slow day, two isn't noticeable. We have even been down three but that has only happened at the beginning or end of a week - not the middle like this week. As a whole, we sucked it up, buckled down and knocked one outta the park. (1, 2, 3 cliches.) I was back to my old self... solving problems, as I said earlier. It felt good that people were asking for my help. It felt even better that I finally know enough around the office to be of help to these people.

It feels even better that tomorrow is Friday. This sorta thing takes a little bit of getting used to. I might just get used to it... eventually.

Stay tuned.

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