Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Maybe I should

I was just thinking something rather off the wall. I am not usually thinking along these lines but I never put much of anything past myself. The thought I just had was something which would start small - much like most great ideas do.

Along with the many projects I am always dabbling in, this one could serve a greater purpose. Something that could help people. I could Adopt-A-Highway - nah, not too fond of garbage - especially someone else's crap. Use my free time to work in an animal shelter - no thanks, all that barking would eventually push me off the depe end and I would end up somehow hurting the innocent, nonetheless always barking, canines.

I am setting my goals higher. I aim to someday, in the not-too-distant future, run for some sort of public office. My dad is involved in the local government and has had many interesting tales to tell regarding issues which have come up at the monthly meetings in their township. Issues which turn into shouting matches. Issues which truly aren't earth-shattering in magnitude but still effect those involved. Plus, I like to hear and see people argue. I also like to solve problems which came in handy in my previous job where I was very much a part of the decision-making process on many levels - especially during my term as department manager. I understand how typical offices work but can't stand the back-talking and ass-kissing that goes on to those whom you are trying to buddy-up to and those whom you despise with every fiber of your being. Our particular office had factions in all segments described.

Overall, I enjoyed more than my position the other tasks which I took on. I bitched a blue streak some days about my job but it had variety. It kept me on my toes. I solved problems, more often than not, other people's problems. People who seemed inept at solving a simple problem such as choosing between two keys for a door lock. Some of these problems were miniscule but some involved great planning which, if the outcome was poor, would end up costing a rather large sum of money. I actually enjoyed the stress.

Being kept on one's toes keeps one's mind sharp. I never thought I would say this but I miss the corruption which also had tinges of camraderie. Which brings me full circle... any form of politics contains both corruption and camraderie. Oh, to some day be a part of that.

Stay tuned.

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