Friday, May 14, 2004

I'm gonna vomit

I swear to all that is holy in the world that I will lose my freakin' lunch. The latest ailment which is causing my iron-clad gut issues is not anything new. It is something I am continually hearing. My ears should be immune to this sound by now. This sound seems to resonate from nearly audio device I am within earshot of.

The source of my disgust this time around is a song. A song by the band Hoobastank, more specifically. A song by Hoobastank titled "The Reason", to be ultra-specific.

This song pisses me the hell off... It seems to be repeated by EVERY radio station in the Twin Cities at the rate of about once per hour. It started on Drive 105... it then spread to KS95... from there the sickness moved to KDWB and 93X... Yes, that's right... four station each playing the same song and all calling exclusive and new. It's FUCKING PLAYED OUT! Give it the hell up. It really gets under my skin.

At first - in the first couple weeks I heard the song - I thought to myself, "Hey, this song is a refreshing change of pace". Now it simply makes me want to pull forward the waist band of my underwear and jeans simultaneously and PUKE into my undies. I would rather spend a day wearing underwear filled with my own stank-ridden vomit than hear this three-plus minute lyric-filled bucket of bile ONE MORE TIME.

Oh, some of you will say that I should take my own advice and when I hear it, simply change the station or turn the radio off completely. The problem being that I can then hear this shit-fest eminating from other people's car stereos with my windows down. "Roll the windows up." Nope. Like fresh air even if it is polluted with soot. It builds character. Something this song doesn't do.

Just say no to "The Reason."

That's "The Reason" I'm upset.

Stay tuned.

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