Monday, May 17, 2004

I have an addiction

It seems that in the course of the past month I have become addicted to speed. Now at first some might think I am speaking of an illegal drug. If my memory is corect, speed is meth and vice versa. That sort of drug is a problem. My speed addiction comes in the form of a small DVD-like disc.

What I speak of is a game for my Game Cube. Need for Speed is the title of it. It's a racing game. Most people have played a racing game if you passed through your teen years in the past 20 years. This game involves road racing and evading the police. Some very aggressive police. Police who aren't afraid to call in a helicopter when you are clocking speeds of 120.

So far this game has consumed a reasonable amount of hours. Last night I found myself turning on my Game Cube at 10:30 PM for a quick fix. Seems that I am in need of just that right now. Gotta run.

Would it be an insult to take the Game Cube on the honeymoon to Hawaii?

Come on, I know better than that.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

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