Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I am afraid

I fear that I am growing up. I mean, I just had ANOTHER birthday about 10 days ago. I know that in numbers I am aging, but I am referring to mental maturity. For those of you who know me, mental and maturity don't seem to belong in the same sentence but they do.

A major contributor to the fact that I seem to be maturing is my recent radio listening habits. I have spoken briefly about this subject before but if someone only three years ago that I would be listening somewhat regularly to AM radio, I would have told them to simply "Shut the hell up" and been on my way, likely easing into my gas-guzzling General Motors vehicle to crank the stereo up a notch or three and blast some non-conformist music simply to annoy the hip-replacement crowd in my hometown. (There's alot of them, too). Two stations in particular have contributed to my turn in listening habits. More on those later, too. My main fear is that the 'sophistication' of AM radio and the dry humor contained within will remove my ability to come up with such creative references as this which was posted about a certain upcoming doomsday flick.

The buzz around this movie is also incredible. The fact that the previously elected president Al Gore is basing a speach on the movie's content on the day of its premiere just down the street says alot for Hollywood's influence. Maybe people will take notice of the message in this movie, however uncraftily it is portrayed. The speach also ties in quite handily to the election season as Gore more than likely will throw his support into the democratic nominee, John Kerry. While Kerry's speaches haven't mentioned his supporters in many words, the standing president has been sure to proclaim his accomplishments while overlooking his numerous, very numerous, 'mishaps'.

The question needs to be asked, in what frame of mind does the president associate fighting the 'War on Terror' with the true issues affecting us on our own soil? Issues such as our economy, unemployment, prescription drug prices, medical care, education, economic development, etc go unmentioned by the resident monkey ass. This sorry excuse for a pile of crap overlooks the real issues and screams forth his success in the war on terror. Funny, the war on terror doesn't educate our children, or does it?

This war on terror bit comes from some guy from North Dakota whose show is heard locally on WMNN 1330 and apparently across the country, too. Who da thunk? Some guy from an area more desolate than here who still has the freedom to think And I thought Al Franken was the last person who had an original thought which wasn't planted by FOX News. He also proclaims that during Bush's recent string of speaches in Ohio, he used the war on terror focus rather than addressing Ohio's 5%+ unemployment rate. A war which just so happens to be leeching BILLIONS away from the same constructive programs I mentioned above.

Oh well, if the saying that active minds breed active bodies is true...

Stay tuned.

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