Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A huge weekend looms

As summer approaches, so does the summer movie season. Some say it has already begun with the release of the dreadful vampire/dracula/wolfman flick "Van Helsing" from a couple weeks back. I'll be honest and admit that I went with friends to see this movie only because they were in town and I rarely get to see them. It wasn't terrible and it helped that the lady-friend had her old student ID from college which saved us a couple bucks. Van Helsing was played by Hugh Jackman who apparently has a thing for characters from comic books and legends as he recently starred in "The Punisher" as a vengeful man bent on killing John Travolta (form your own opinion on the necessity of Travolta existing). Jackman has also played the character "Wolverine" in the successful line of released and yet-to-be-released X-Men movies also based on a comic book.

A sequel came out today and it is getting rave reviews. A movie featuring the world's most lovable CGI ogre. "Shrek 2" promises more laughs as Mike Myers, Cameron DIaz and Eddie Murphy reprise their roles from the first animated "Shrek" movie. My friend by the last name of Schreck is sure to see this one as soon as he has the free time.

Next weekend is officially the first weekend of summer as the local music festival "Riverfest" at the famed Floatrite Ampitheatre cranks up for the weekend and if you prefer to catch a movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" will be the one to see by all accounts I have heard. Far fetched - maybe... possible - possibly. Hell, it's entertainment. If you wanna see people struggle to survive adversity as New York City becomes the ocean and soon the equivalent of Antartica, give it a shot.

Stay tuned.