Thursday, May 27, 2004

Almost... weekend...

It's a holiday weekend this time around. That means after I leave work on Friday that I am free for THREE WHOLE DAYS. No responsibility (all the bills are caught up), nothing tying me down. I'm heading home for the weekend to spend it with my bestestest friends. I know that there is no such word as bestestest but in my world, anything is acceptable. This weekend means more than just spending time with friends. One of my friends in particular is headed off to a senseless war a few days later.

We're going to send him off in the most practical way we can think of. We are throwing a party. Music, "refreshments" (2 kegs worth - reportedly), friends... just the right way to send him off and we'll welcome him back the same way. Of course we'll be welcoming him back in onet o two years but we'll still be welcoming him back. One to two years is a great deal of time. In two years, nearly all of my close friends will be married. I'll be the proud owner of a house. I'll probably be driving a different vehicle (maybe even powered by some exotic fuel such as compressed landfill gas.) I'll be parking my exoticaly powered vehicle in the three-car attached garage of my newly purchased house. My newly purchased house will be away (somewhat) from the insane growth of the Twin Cities. There will be no dog inside. There will likely be no dog outside either. Maybe a cat, no dog though. Two of my friends who already have children will be nearly kindergarten age in two years. The Ikea store in Bloomington will be two years old (if it opens on-time in August.) I will be dangerously close to 30 years old. In two years Britney Spears will likely be headed down the road towards the world of adult films as will the Olsen twins.

Two years is a very long time, but for some of us it will come in the blink of an eye. It will seem like a long weekend. It will happen as quickly as the past year has gone by. Less than a year ago I asked my girlfriend to marry me. Now, as she reminds me, we are less than four months away from the big day.

Our world revolves around measurements of time. We count the days to pay day. We look ahead to the next holiday. We plan our vacations often too meticulously, taking the thrill of simply letting things take their course out of the vacation. While planning isn't a bad thing at all, some things are better left to chance. Elements of vacations, elements of parties and elements of life. Plan for your retirement by saving money. Don't plan for your retirement by planning what to do with the dyas as a whole. Plan a few big events. Leave the rest to chance. I, for one, am not going to plan much of the next two years. I will look at the finances to see what can be handled without going completely broke but won't plan vacations or what to get at the grocery store next week. I won't even plan on when to go to the grocery store. Leave the minor details to chance. You'll enjoy life that much more when you are surprised when something happens. It keeps you on your toes.

We'll miss you for the next two years buddy. We'll be waiting when you get back from the desert.

Stay tuned.

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