Thursday, April 29, 2004

What's the deal with spaghetti?

I thought that I would begin with something to truly make everyone wonder just what the hell am actually writing about today. Gotcha. There's not one single line in here about "the deal with spaghetti". I challenge you to find any single reference to pasta in general today.

My real issue is something that may actually concern you. It cracked 93 degrees Wednesday. That would be nothing out of the normal - for AUGUST. This is fucking APRIL. This is also the second time this month that it has happened, the first time being about 10 days ago - on a Sunday. Both days were incredibly windy, although Wednesday was nothing like the stormy and hot Sunday of recent memories.

The reason I am wiriting this is that there is a movie coming out on Memorial Day weekend which deals, quite dramatically, with the issue of global warming. It is a damn shame that Americans care so much about something that could essentially boil life from the planet (or freeze us all into ice cubes) that the only venue where it will gain attention is by playing it on 3 of 18 screens at the local mega-plex.

I know that this will be THE summer blockbuster this year. It is chock full of special effects and I have seen internet ads on billions of web sites. Where will you be "The Day After Tomorrow?"

Pretty damn powerful question.

Where will you be?

I'll be back here. And it will be Friday. Unless I feel compelled to write NOTHING - then I'll see y'all Sunday... or Monday... or if you're really good - again today. Ahhh, my dedication shines through.

Here's hoping I am not boiled to a crisp by the end of the summer.

Stay tuned

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