Thursday, April 15, 2004

We'll get y'all started with an interesting commercial which I clicked on from somewhere I visited when I arrived home. G-rated so the kiddies can watch but the humor is enjoyable by all ages.

Are ya done laughing at that yet?

Ok, settle down now.

The real news today is that my hometown is in the news again. This time for child pornography. The sotry that follows is from the Austin Daily Herald which I just so happen to have a bit of knowledge of...

Four charged in videotape case

By Dan Fields/Austin Daily Herald

Four men were charged Wednesday with videotaping a 16-year-old Austin girl having sex with one of the men.

Three separate felony counts were filed in Mower County District Court against Joshua D. Bollinger, 25, of Austin; Kristopher J. Cox, 21, of Austin; Brian L. Moser, 36, of Albert Lea and Erik C. Pehrson, 22, of Austin.
The four were each charged with the use of a minor in sexual performance, punishable by 10 years imprisonment and/or a $20,000 fine; dissemination of child pornography, punishable by seven years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine and possession of pornographic work involving minors, punishable by five years imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine.

Bollinger and Pehrson were also charged with providing alcohol to a minor, a gross misdemeanor which carries a one-year jail term and/or a $3,000 fine.

A sworn statement signed by Austin police Det. David Schafer said that Minnesota Department of Correction agents visited Bollinger's residence in March. After sifting through items in Bollinger's bedroom, an agent noticed a videotape had fallen out of an artificial plant.

The agent confiscated the tape and later viewed it. Because the agent believed a sex crime was shown on the tape, she turned the tape over to Schafer.

Schafer's statement alleged that Cox and Moser filmed from a room while Pehrson had sex with the 16-year-old girl.

The statement also alleged that while talking with Schafer, 'Moser readily admitted his involvement in the planning and the making of the video," and said the incident happened in either November or December 2003 in the basement of the Austin Daily Herald.

The four men are no longer employees of the newspaper.


Interesting, isn't it, how the happenings in a relatively rural and small town come to the surface. For a somewhat lively discussion on the happenings of this case, click here.

Now keep today's two bits in your mind while I toil away the weekend at *yawn* a marriage retreat. Whoopee. I can think of nothing more I want to do than listen to some high and mighty speaker or priest tell me the facts of marriage. Blah, blah, blah, zzzzzzzz........ Sorry, dozed off. I will return tomorrow or more likely Sunday with something interesting or sleep inducing to spew forth onto the world wide web. No child sex tape talk though, sorry.

Stay tuned.

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