Thursday, April 22, 2004

TV is still good

Yes, television is still good. It just requires a bit of knowledge before plopping your ample American ass down on your foreign made couch, sofa, futon or loveseat. TV viewing cannot be entered into blindly. If you do so, most of your time will be spent flipping channels scanning for the elusive "something good" to watch.

Tonight, I panned gold. A rather large nugget, if I may say so. I had seen a commercial during the Tuesday edition of Scrubs of NBC informing me to catch another new show in what was rightfully their timeslot on Thursday before that poorly hairstyled bastard Trump took over with yet another God awful "reality" show. I won't even delve into what is wrong with the label of "reality".

So, Scrubs was back on Thursdays. I have come to like this show despite some corporate jughead suit on the twenty-seventh floor of 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City juggling the show between various timeslots. I think it originally aired at 7:30 CT on Thursdays but has since been pushed to 8:30 CT. The first Thursday episode in months yielded the usual more than ample amount of laughs. The series doesn't simply stop with laughs, though. It has a redeeming value that is subtly scripted into the narration. There is always a lesson to be learned in the narration of the show. It's subtle enough where most viewers who aren't particularly watching for it simply won't catch it. I'll be honest in saying that I can usually catch the blatantly scripted "lesson" in most other cookie cutter ABC-type sitcoms. (I am also proud in saying that I have not watched ABC for over two years.)

Tonight's Scrubs lesson revolved around the main character always wanting what he couldn't have. It's a basic element in humanity. Most people want what is just out of their reach. The narration proved just that fact. It did it in a funny way that left you wanting two more hours but in reality ended with a look into the character's thoughts after he had achieved his goal of having something he couldn't. He was suddenly bored with what he now had. The lesson. Be careful what it is in life that you yearn for. How will you react if you actually achieve that goal?

Think about that over the weekend as I take it off due to my life changiung event of turning 25 tomorrow. We'll recap any festivities later on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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