Monday, April 12, 2004

So while I was incredibly bored this past Friday, my mind began to wander. It wandered all the way back to my day in High school. Way back when I lived in Spam Town USA. Times were easy then and the OK Cola was sold from one of the pop machines in the school's basement - right outside of the cafeteria and before you entered the tunnel to cross the street to the high school annex.

It was fifty cents well spent. Each can had a different picture on it and the entire idea behind the product seemed to make a piece of pop culture art. It is all too bad that this experiment from the Coca-Cola company (which states that the product was only test marketed and never officially released nation-wide) died before it should have. I can only imagine how many thousands of additional cans of this cola I would have drank by this time, nearly ten years later from my first discovery of it.

No, it probably wouldn't have led to world peace or changed the country we live in profoundly. Probably not. But it just might have started a marketing revolution, of sorts. I can only imagine what it would taste like to open a fresh can of OK Cola and take a big swig, letting it roll around in my mouth and swallowing it as it flowed down my throat - all the while enjoying its unique flavor and knowing that it's readily available at most stores. Well, my world never turned out that way, but if you're a fan of this long-gone cola, here's a recipe that should get you fairly close to its original recipe.

Just remember, everything's gonna be OK.

Stay tuned.

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