Monday, April 05, 2004

She may be illiterate...

I was listening to some radio station's morning show, now that I think about it the station was KS95, and they had a report from some call in guest that Jessica Simpson may be illiterate.

It makes sense when you read the material realting to an episode of Newlyweds shown on MTV. I, personally, have never watched the show and have no intentions of watching it. I don't have cable which makes doing just that a WHOLE lot easier.

So what if she is illiterate? She has had her scantily clad self shown on the front of Rolling Stone even though as an artist, she is a total hack. One of her current hits is a cover of "Take My Breath Away". How damn pathetic is that.

"I am a credible artist. Sure my current hit is a cover song. But I married some guy from a half-assed washed-up boy band who never had any popularity."

"And I have big boobs."

Sure, the big boobs will keep you gainfully employed right after your bubble gum craptastic music falls out of favor by the 13 year old girls who buy this crap. They will change their tastes sometime late next week.

My boobs aren't big (don't actually have any) and I have a job and can sing a cover song too, it's called karoake.

Stay tuned.