Thursday, April 01, 2004

The rest of the weekend...

I've been putting off the details of this past weekend for a few days now and I at least owe you an explanation. After the whole IHOP debacle we exited the restaurant. I was still visibly pissed off and just wouldn't let things be. I began plotting my revengs on this shit-hole of a restaurant as soon as I noticed that the wait was rather lengthy. When I get agitated, I start swearing - alot. This, in turn, angered my fiancee. She began lecturing me as soon as we left the restaurant. Once we were in the car, it was a back and forth tirade on the drive back to my place. She said if I cannot control my anger, she just might be ready to call it quits. This latest blow-up seemed to have pushed her over the edge of dealing with me on a regular basis.

I am not quite sure what brought this on but in no way had I made a public scene about any of the happenings while we were in the restaurant. I was angry but held myself back from proceeding with a full on blow up. I'll admit that once I left the restaurant and was in the parking lot, I had a few choice words but they for our ears only as the outdoors area had no people around to hear my ranting and raving.

So, on the way back to my place the bickering escalated. She pointed out MANY instances of my "unacceptable" behavior from the past where I had supposedly made a complete ASS out of BOTH of us. That made me angrier. I started hurling insults and just plain yelling... then she started crying. I kept going. Relentlessly.

After a few minutes of her crying she took off her engagement ring which I had given her and she said "It's over, grow up." Strong words.

So now I have been thinking about that for a few days and am working on calling her to try and patch things up. I know I want to, but with all she said, maybe she doesn't. Only time will tell what the outcome is.

Stay tuned.

Oh, one last thing... APRIL FOOLS. Wow, if ANYONE actually believed any of this, you need to run to the store quickly and buy a large bag of "I'm a sucker". Had ya' going there, didn't I? None of this actually happened but I wouldn't doubt parts of it happening someday, just not all of it.