Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My stomach is turning

I am writing bits of this as George W. Bush answers carefully selected and pre-written questions. So far, being three questions into his session, he has not given up on his belief that Hussein was an imminent threat. He has reitterated that Hussein funded and harbored terrorist groups. He has stated that the violence which is occuring is directed against the Iraqi people as well as our troops... that these militia groups are struggling to gain power. I don't know about that one either, so far I have only heard of violence against our troops. He states that Iraq was a threat to the entire world and still stands by the belief that WMD's exist.

In his fifteen minute opening statement, he addressed only one area of concern for America. He proved once again that his cabinet has a one track agenda. He focused only on Iraq and ignored the economic situation in America. Ignoring the employment situation. All of his comments were directed towards the ongoing war in Iraq.

The questions being asked offer up very little criticism of his performance as president. One question did reitterate the fact that the war was based on a series of misinformation and the fact that WMD's have not been found when they were said to be sure to have existed.

Numerous times he has referred to a "mounting threat". He stated that America has always reacted to such threats. In that statement, he appears to be correct. I think back to my history lessons, not from school but from the History Channel - school skipped over most of the history of the twentieth century. In my recollection of history, as a country, we went after the correct country. This was true when Pearl Harbor was bombed. We nearly immediately joined in a war against both Japan and Germany. This time around, we were correct initially. We landed troops in Afghanistan even though it has been recently learned through the words of Richard Clarke that Bush planned all along to invade Iraq. The acts of September 11th gave him the opportunity to establish a false link between Afghanistan which actually harbors terrorists and Iraq whose only fault was that the country was headed by a strong-armed dictator. Cuba is headed by a dictator but we haven't invaded Cuba. Maybe that's because they don't have vast amounts of oil under their land. China and North Korea are communist-run countries who are headed by likely unstable leaders who may even possess nuclear weapons, yet lack of oil has led to America staying out of those countries as well.

All told, the world is full of potential threats to America. Iraq's only crime was that Hussein controlled vast reserves of crude oil. Oil that means wealth to those who have access to it. Isn't it odd that both times America has invaded Iraq, we were a country headed by a father-son presidency. Presidents who originate from Texas. This time a president who once OWNED an oil company in Texas. A man whose Vice President has interests in companies who dabble in petroleum and petroleum related endeavors. Essentialy this conflict is seen as a power struggle over oil. A power struggle that never would have been possible if certain information about impending attacks on our soil by terrorists had been acted upon.

The most recent question asked of the president is related to the belief that he let the warning signs of 9/11 grow too far and harvested the potential for a war in Iraq too soon. His time of action seemed to be off, essentially. By letting the terrorism threat mature too far, it allowed him to look like a real president and attack some country who was, by him, seen as a threat.

All summed up thus far, Bush aims to liberate Iraq from oppression. He has a goal of turning over transitional power by June 30, 2004. With the recent violence there, that goal seems rather hard to attain. Elections in Iraq by January of 2005. Complete, permanent government by December of 2005. That date would seem to be the earliest that our troops would come home. It is almost definite that they will remain for years to "protect the Iraqi government" and "defend against violence". Essentially, our troops will evolve into overlords of Iraq. Being the ultimate power in the country. Not to protect the people of Iraq, but instead to keep oil flowing and allow America to be THE force in the world. In this day in age, those with money (and oil) are those with power.

The stress of answering an unscripted question is making Bush stammer. His weaknesses are showing now that he is beyond the few obviously pre-approved questions. Reitterating that the war in Iraq is just one theater in the war on terror. Where are the other theaters?

The answers to the questions asked, in the end, came full circle and answered very little. He did the usual and avoided issues as much as possible Using terms such as "stay the course" numerous times rather than provide thoughtful, honest, informative answers. The fact at the opening by Brian Williams of NBC News that this was only his third televised press conference proves that he is a man who avoids having to own up to his actions. An irresponsible man who is unable to speak without knowing the other side of the conversation first. The most ineffective president of the past 100 years. A despicable man who has done nothing short of an attrocious job. His news conference will provide some good sound bites for Rush Limbaugh to praise tomorrow and for weeks to come, on the other side of things though, the sound bites will provide fodder for liberals, democrats, independents and anyone with concerns for America for a few days. After that, sensible people (liberals) will return their focus to the issues effecting America. Rush, the numerous conservative supporters and local ultra-conservative Minneapolis conservative columnist and blogger will try again to raise support for Bush and his re-election campaign and focus on the statements and their supposed victory over democrats for many weeks to come.

In the end, I hope the most mature person running becomes president. May the man with the most votes win. That's a novel idea after the 2000 presidential elections.

Stay tuned.

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