Thursday, April 08, 2004

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past week, you know of the "abduction" in Wisconsin about 10 or so days ago.

It never happened. This crazy girl left her apartment and had bought the stuff she eventually described as used in the abduction. She has a screw or three loose.

The good news is now you, too can be abducted. Twin Cities rock radio station 93X is running a promotion over the weekend for a bunch of upcoming concerts and you can win free tickets by simply calling in! One of the upcoming concerts in Hoobastank in Mankato. They will let you choose your method of "abduction". You will supposedly be abducted by the band to go party with them and then it's off to the concert in 'Kato.

For some, it may sound "So tragic. Making a joke out of this poor girl's abduction. Even though it was a fake, she need to be consoled, not ridiculed."

True. But I also see it as this. She did something INCREDIBLY stupid in faking her own abduction. Once she was found, police spent numerous hours searching for her alleged abductor. Now, this incident will be in the back of many people's minds when the next person is abducted under similar circumstances.

I give a hearty pair of metal horns to 93X for having the balls to pull off a promotion like this. They even promise to leave you in a swamp on the edge of town.

Gotta go try to win tickets now. Maybe even win the abduction, too!

Stay tuned.

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