Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I failed all two of my faithful readers by not living up to my promise from yesterday's post. I am no better than than George Bush. I might as well be a republican rather than some free-thinking independent as I truly am.

In that area, I hope i never change. I can think ahead to just how cool I will be in the future. I will be that "cool dad". Of course that one is WAAAY down the road. I will be the type that never owns a four-door car or, especially, a mini-van. No thanks. I will be content to stay away from SUVs too. I am one of two thing, a car guy (currently) or a truck guy. There is no middle ground in that debate. Never will be.

If I ever own a mini-van, I want one of my faithful friends to personally kick my ass. I mean take me outside and punch me. Toss me around some. Remind me of who I TRULY am. I am the guy who, as quoted by a friend of mine, "would be perfectly happy with just about anything punk rock". He just happens to be the guy who got me the "Go Fork Yourself" t-shirt this past Christmas.

I know that growing up is inevitable but I can try to fight it. I keep current with the one thing that unites so many people. Music. I find myself straining to find "the next thing". Somedays, I think i would be better suited for radio as I love music so much. Screw all the experience as a graphic artist. Radio is where it's at...

Stay tuned.

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